Service Coordination
Plan Development

Transition Management

Serving Southwest Idaho since 2010.

Services are available to Idaho residents who are at least 18 years of age and qualify for Enhanced Medicaid. 

Service Coordination and Plan Development

​Service Coordination and Plan Development are available to any individual eligible to receive developmental disability services.


We advocate for and assist adults by linking, gaining access to, and maintaining services with the intent of living as independently as possible.   Examples of supports would include but are not limited to:        


  • residential support
  • developmental therapy
  • employment support
  • social and recreational opportunities
  • link to needed medical supports

Transition Management

Transition Management services are available to individuals who have been living in a qualified Medicaid funded institutional setting for a minimum of 45 consecutive days.   

We provide relocation assistance and intensive service coordination activities to assist individuals transition into the community setting of their choice.

We Believe

Everyone's life has a uniquely beautiful path.

People, regardless of ability, can do extraordinary things.

Communication is essential.

Keeping our minds open to the possibilities.

There is strength in a team.​

Our approach is person-centered.  We strive to best understand your desired direction for your life and assist you on your journey.


Please call us if you are unsure if you are eligible or need assistance understanding the eligibility process. 

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